Foldable Tripod Stool

The Risibix portable seating stool stands out among similar tripod stools. It’s been designed with attention to functional design and details that make it dependable, enduring, and comfortable. Check out the reasons to try it out in your next trip

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Risibix Foldable Tripod Stool | Ultra Portable Seat for Tall People, 20” High

Compact 20″ camp stool unfolds for tall individuals, ensuring comfortable seating with optimal design for good posture and knee comfort. Features water-resistant hidden pocket for discreet essentials storage. Stable on rough terrain with thickened steel legs and anti-slip feet, surpassing 4-legged chairs in stability. Robust 15″ x 13″ folding seat, made of 600D Oxford fabric, supports 200 lbs, weighing only 2 pounds. Easily portable in the included drawstring bag for durable outdoor comfort.

6 Reasons to Buy

Stool Of Steel

The sturdy camp stools legs are 0.75-inch-thick steel pipes that’ll easily cope with the weight of up to 200 lb without wobbling or sagging under the sitter

Grip Don't Slip

Designed for outdoors, our travel chairs for adults and kids feature extra wide feet that don’t slip or skid. So you can use them on wet ground, grass, and sandy beaches alike

Pocket, Lock It

The neat pocket on this outdoor portable chair is water-resistant and solid (not mesh!) for you to keep important things at hand. When you don’t use it, hide it under the seat

Two Pounds, No Bounds

The 3 legged stool is unbelievably light for its capacity and strong build: just 2 pounds. Attach it to the backpack, and you’ll barely notice the weight as you hike

Double The Durability

These portable seats for seniors, grownups, and children are made of double-layer 600D Oxford fabric, which is long-lasting and perfect for folding stools

Strap, Snap, Go!

Use the carry strap with this tripod seat to throw it on your shoulder between your stops. When folded, the stool is 3 inches wide: the ultimately compact outdoor solution

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